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Innovation for Social Impact





Xaivier Ringer is a leader who not only has the management and artistic talent, yet an ability to value and build upon existing knowledge for client and community centered achievements.  

As a development practicioner, mural artist and community engager, Ms. Ringer brings uncanny experience and perspective to all her projects and offers a resource of experienced professionals at her fingertips. 

Creative and artistic, Xaivier Ringer brings fresh ideas and cutting edge methods to accomplish business endeavors and community projects.  

Innovative Initiatives

Innovative Initiatives are fresh ideas and cutting edge methods to engage clients and communities within the spaces they dwell and thrive. 


The initiatives Xaivier Ringer creates are oriented to develop opportunities for organizations to use alternative methods to create dialogue and design tailored solutions that result in tangible and visual outcomes. 


Innovative Initiatives facilitate empowerment, visual art and sustainable development. 

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